Networking Services

Our company has been providing networking solutions since 1993. Our experience in all areas of Networking and Information Technology Management has ensured that our customers get the productivity that they expect from their Information Technology investment. Our services include business continuity services and online services. Our solutions are customized and may include:
  • standby servers and workstations,
  • facilities management of equipment,
  • data vaulting/off site data replication,
  • web server hosting,
  • data warehousing,
  • consulting in risk assessment, contingency planning and crisis management.

System Administration

System Administration is one of the more important aspects to the success of participating in the networked environment. This is because the Systems Administrator is responsible for the secure and reliable operations of a business’ computer systems.

ILB Computing pride themselves of being experts at designing and installing Windows servers and workstations, and administering anything from PC networks to multi-domained NT environments to Active Directory implementations using Windows 2000 & 2003.

We can implement all required network services and facilitate day-to-day administration such as file and print services, and maintaining user accounts.

Monitoring Services

We have diagnostic systems which continually monitor how our servers (and our client servers) are functioning at all times. Our systems periodically monitor system conditions and network connectivity, and notify our administrators via email and sms of our system checks.

How we benefit businesses

The following are just some of the benefits which we believe our networking services provides to customers.

  • We provide custom solutions, as such, customers don’t pay for things they don’t need.
  • Our solutions aim for 99.99% uptime so businesses can maintain quick connectivity, regardless of the number of employees simultaneously using their connection.
  • Our monitoring system provides immediate notification of any potential issues, which means that for the most part, issues are identified and resolved before customers are aware that any problem exists.
  • Additional server space without overhead costs for businesses.
  • Facilitating an increase of business opportunities for organisations by ensuring that their network is available for Business to Business and Business to Consumer networked transactions.
  • Providing power 100% of the time through the use of generators and Uniterrupted Power Supplies (UPS’s). What this means is that even if the street has no power, we will.