Task Management System

We have developed a customisable Task Management System which allows customers to enter new tasks and track progress of existing tasks on the website or through a system tray program. This system is not limited to tracking tasks, but can be customised to each individuals business needs to support their ‘issues management’ requirements.

About the Task Management System

Our goal with the task management system was to develop a program that can be as simple or as complex as needed to help businesses manage tasks. As the system is web-based, all that is needed is a browser to access it, which means that geographically, the system is a lot easier to use. The interface is kept simple to keep the focus on managing tasks rather than learning a new system. User rights are just as simple to manage: Notification of new tasks or changes in tasks are flexible: a person can nominate if they want to be notified through email, sms or pager – as well as decide the format that the information is presented.